Priscus Primoris

Crafter, Transmutation Wizard


Physical Description

He has some burn marks across his face from a steam incident in his workshop, small wrinkles can be seen marking his older age and has pale white skin from his lack of sunlight. Apart from that one could consider him of average looks. He has black hair and a impressive beard, even to dwarfs. Slightly taller than the average human and although although he is weak he can resist pain with much more ease than the average human and is quite dexterous.

Hydra Prototype Alpha and his transformation into toads and Jacks or because of his old age is not known for sure. He is generally busy in his workshop , and is anxiously waiting for the the birth of his quadruplets whom Carsa is expected to give birth sometime this month or the next.

He claims he still plans on making more items and devices. Such as a tower that can be transported by his own hydra. We remain skeptical about his allegations, but perhaps his words do carry some weight, after all we have seen his construct.


Four decades ago, two eccentric people entered the Citadel looking to exchange knowledge, technology, and magic. No one knew where they came from. Although they were physically frail, their skill in crafts and magic were as good as, if not better than, any The Citadel had seen in its long and dark history. These two wizards helped The Citadel for a few years and even built a reputation. Ferram for his massive constructs (and excellent metalworking) that aided in the city’s defense, and Lila for her surprising knowledge and exceptional mastery of magic.
They did what they could to help The Citadel, in exchange for knowledge. After their first year living within its walls, Lila had a child, a boy named Priscus. It was arranged after another year that their first son would stay in The Citadel, as it seemed safer than the land they came from. (though most believe there was more to it than that) They left mysteriously in a thunderstorm without even saying where they were headed, and no one remembers if they ever said where they came from.

And the child Priscus was left under the custody of the priest Targ. He became good friends with a Dwarf named Ysgarran who had been taken into the Citadel and also brought up under the priest. They both had many similarities, from the fact they they were slightly rejected from society and considered ‘outsiders’ and ‘strangers’ to their affinity for rocks, metal, and tinkering. Targ, however, was a cruel and spiteful man and never accepted either of the orphans. This made Priscus only work harder to appease him, and he exerted himself at school.

He was later found to possess an extremely powerful intellect, and was trained as a Wizard.
It was a difficult decision for the High Priests as to whether Priscus would become a Slayer or a Crafter, as his immense capacity for learned magic would be useful for both. However, it was eventually decided that he would become a crafter, as his mind was more suited for the workshop. He spent his first years of adulthood following the teachings of Znalost’, perusing to have an open mind and learn as much as possible. During this period of time he made two more friends: Priscilla, a young sorcerer, and her familiar, a beautiful white dove. They both were able to share their passion for learning and books and spent most of their time studying, reading, and training. They soon fell in love. However, Priscilla was a Slayer, and her time came to fight alongside them. The only companion Priscus had left was Priscilla’s white dove, which they used to send messages back and forth when she was away on long missions. Unfortunately, within a month, the dove came back with nothing but a single strand of hair and bloodstains in its feathers. With his profession failing, his belief that he had been cowardly, frustration that he still knew nothing of his family, and above all his belief that Priscilla’s death had been his fault he fell into a mild mid-life crisis. With his strong will to carry on and fight no matter how dim things were, he confronted The Pánov, and demanded to join the Slayers. He demanded to fight alongside his Dwarf friend, who was, due to the aging difference of their species, just completing his training and emerging into adulthood. The Pánov, moved by his determination, decided that it was worth giving him a chance.

He saw action in a few sucsefull missions in wich he managed to help in several tasks, after that he was put back as a crafter to work in his now more sucsessfull workshop. But in truth as he revealed later in his life he used the workshop as a hoax in order to hide the face that of his major plan. He higerd four very competent crafters form the Citadel and along with Crasa and aperantly, some other machines dug a huge tunnel. 8 and a half after his first few missions as a slayer he saw some more action outside the citadel in order to test his huge hydra, a construct designed for bolstering defenses in the Citadel that can also work as a beast of burden.

His establishment was not discoverd untill after the invasion the Citadel.

He is now not only a powerfull Wizard but also man of very high political influence in his region, he has many firends and contacts in the royal family of Svätyne, Is also the leader of the Crafter’s Guild in Svätyne and the Citadel and is regarded by the Slovi as a great pilanthropist, both for his services and his gracious gifts.

He has currently stopped the production of Musketmen and only maintains it at 100. He says that right now there is no need for millitary, at least for a while and instead he is working in building paved roads between vilages, towns and cites. Producing more Farmland and exponentially increasing the amount of factorys.

Priscus Primoris

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