The Citadel

The Attack on The Citadel (11)

Returning to the log of Novy Poradie

It’s quite strange how we become accustomed to relative safety, even here. From time to time, however, it becomes necessary for fate to shake some fear into us. Less than a month ago, I was attacked by one of my own Slayers. My survival was nothing short of a miracle.

After this, I had thought that the gods would at least give us a wide cushion before something equally horrible happened again. In a sense, I was right. What has recently occurred is not even on the level of that atrocity…it is far worse.

We have been attacked by a Spirit.

On the morning of January 9th, we were attacked by what seemed like an army of creatures made out of the walls of The Citadel. The sixth and fourth rings were targeted. Thankfully, we suffered very few casualties of children. A large group of expert Slayers managed to get to the sixth ring and hold off any of the creatures that would have attacked them. Unfortunately, for this reason, their assistance did not benefit the other Slayers in the fourth ring, and we suffered massive casualties.

Amongst the smaller, individual skirmishes, Czislo’s group of Slayers ended up being our true saviors. After fighting multiple groups of elementals, they had a chance encounter with Pendar, a brilliant mind in the research division. He had apprehended a magical orb that allowed him to shift the ground and earth with immense power. And…

It should be noted that information from here is extremely confidential. This may only be read by the High Priests, the Panov, or other appropriately high ranking Citadel members.

…He wished to use this orb on The Citadel’s sigil. The results would be (and were) catastrophic, but it would save The Citadel.

The group was heavily injured, and tired, but it was their only chance, as well as our only chance, so they had to take it.

There is great controversy over Pendar’s choice in giving this information to novice Slayers. There is also controversy over how, exactly, he knew how to use the sigil, as it is information that is not intended for common researchers. I believe that we must look past this, however, as the very fact that these rules were broken is what saved us.

The group managed to get to The Citadel’s upper ring, where Pendar prepared the necessary steps for the ritual. He warned the group not to allow any of the elementals to come close. At first, only small creatures confronted them, but the spirit soon became aware of their presence, and what they were doing, and a massive elemental emerged. Pendar demanded that the group do what they could to hold it off, but of the four slayers, only Magnus charged. The elemental crushed him, and his body was destroyed beyond recognition, as we have still not found it. However, his sacrifice gave Pendar enough time. Just as the being tried to enter the sigil, the spell activated. The Spirit was shoved out of the Citadel, as the Citadel itself was shoved in every direction. The floors were tossed up, the walls were skewed, important objects were badly damaged. However, the Spirit was removed.

Afterwards, there was a meeting involving the High Priests and the Panov. Casualties were accounted for, and we came to a morose conclusion: We had been attacked by a single Spirit, and not a very strong one. Our entire society could be destroyed, in the blink of an instant, by one being. Pendar, who was alive, but very injured from using magic more powerful than he could handle, informed us of all the events. The three Slayers were simultaneously honored (for saving the Citadel) and reviled (For refusing to charge in the face of danger). In the end, we felt that their benefits outweighed their failures, and we rewarded them. Magnus, on the other hand, was greatly honored, and was posthumously changed to a standard Slayer.

We have lost over a hundred and fifty members of The Citadel. More than eighty of those were Slayers. We have suffered a hit, and a bad one. I have recently received news that I am to build a new group. The three novice Slayers who did not fight the great elemental have been all-but shoved onto me, not that I mind. I believe that the mere fact that they saved us makes them worthy of some respect, and that they may have some potential. I will have to look amongst those remaining to find the other members of my group. I hope to find a good mix of Slayers. Our enemies will see that, after such a powerful attack, we are still strong.

-High Priest, NovĂ˝ Poradie



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