The Citadel

Fourth Mission

The Abandoned Sewer

On the fourth of September, the Slayers were again called before me. This time, I was nervous of the repercussions of sending them on their mission. I was a high priest, I knew my duty, and these Slayers had faced very little true combat. They were overdue. However, knowing what I knew, it was only common sense that not all of them would survive this mission.

I informed them of a creature occupying the village of Settel, a Slabí settlement built amongst the rocks of the eastern plains. Our intelligence indicated that it was probably a Vivisector, which somehow emerged from the village’s own well in the middle of the night to gather human organs. For those uninitiated, the creature is even more ghastly than it sounds, as those organs in turn go on to form the flesh of its body. With its intelligence, and its amazingly sharp blades, it is not a being to be trifled with. The only chance The Slayers had was through sheer manpower, and when numbers alone are used to defeat an enemy, casualties can be expected.

Knowing their duty, The Slayers set out, following the cliff’s edge. When they came to the rocks, they knew to turn North. Apparently, somewhere here, shortly after camping for the night, they met two Ogres at a camp-site. Via a successful ambush, they killed them both easily, and looted their belongings.

They reached Settel, and were accosted by aggressive village children before they met the most respected member of the village: Jerrod Kretel, who warded away the attackers (more to the benefit of themselves than of The Slayers) and invited the group to his house to eat Dinner. As he introduced them to his family, Jerrod informed them that he believed that the Slabí should actually be kinder to people from The Citadel, those they thought were oppressing them. In reality, The Citadel protected them, and was perhaps the reason they were still alive. I would have liked to talk to this man, he sounds like someone who, if born into The Citadel, would have easily succeeded at becoming a High Priest or Slayer.

After meeting Jerrod’s family, The Slayers spent the night at his house, blocking off the well beforehand to see if the creature would emerge through it. It was proven that this defense worked, as the creature did not appear. However, Jerrod seemed nervous about keeping the well blocked off, stating that it was their only source of water, and that though the creature had killed many of them, they would all die much sooner from thirst.

With no other choice, the group entered the well, using a 100 foot rope to climb down into it.

What they found was that a tunnel had been roughly carved from the well to an abandoned Maják sewer system (though they did not know this at the time) and that the creature was using this as its lair.

They waded in two foot deep water between two walkways. Magnus gave Ceredine a boost to one on their left. She found that the door was locked, opened it forcefully with her magic, and heard a strange chirping sound which caused her to flee across the walkway. The group asked Ceredine to come back down to them, but she would not cooperate. Meanwhile, while the rest of the group stood in two-foot deep water without moving, a gigantic leech grabbed onto Friedrich’s leg and sucked a large amount of blood from him.

Finally, the group climbed onto the stone walkway, and entered the door that Ceredine seemed so afraid of. There, they encountered two giant undead rats, that were fairly easy to slay in combat. In the next room, they found a stairway down going past two gargoyles, which they made sure were not some sort of monster. In the next room, they used the pipes to climb up along another walkway, going along a vat.

This was where they were attacked by the Vivisector for the first time. It came from behind and stabbed Parolles with its claws. Apparently, it had the ability to turn invisible, and the only person who could attack it was Friedrich. Its attempted hit-and-run attack failed as it was shot by magic while it flew away.

The group moved on and were about to enter a door before Parolles learned that opening it would just bring them into the same room they had been in before. Instead, they entered the next door they came across, and went into another room with a vat. Here, they were attacked from the front, and the monster stabbed Ceredine. Ceredine, with nothing to do, dove into the water below. The monster got up and flew away, but not before taking heavy damage from arrows and spells. Magnus, meanwhile, brought Ceredine up from the water by tying twine around his sword and pulling on it.

The next room they entered was covered in bones, which stirred, but thankfully were not powerful enough to form into skeletons. There was a chest at the end of the room, containing a magical ring and four hundred gold, which Magnus and Halian squabbled over. Friedrich used read magic to read the magical writing on the ring, and revealed that it helped the wearer’s swimming ability. Somewhere in the confusion, Ceredine got the ring, and believed that Magnus had proposed marriage to her.

When the group finally moved on, they opened another door where Magnus was hit by a poisonous dart. Thankfully, the poison dealt no severe damage, but I’ll recommend the group to be more careful in the future. In the next room, they found the monster’s lair. Here, they saw it eating human organs, and fired more projectiles on it. It turned invisible, charged, and ravaged Nazarov, tearing his flesh from his body. They begun to fight the creature, and as they did, Nazarov continued to bleed. Thankfully, they killed it, in the end, and Nazarov was supposedly healed, but due to being severely wounded in a sewer system, infection set in, and he died.

We must all do our duties without thinking twice. That is our role in The Citadel.

Nazarov’s body was handed back to me. And I took it. I was forced to witness a strange hallucination in which Friedrich believed that one of the dead bodies found in the creature’s den was a “friend” of his, “Stevie”. I do not know how to comment on this, other than he still seems able to perform his duties. In addition, Magnus, Parolles, and Halian supposedly negotiated with the doppelganger, and told it it could assume Nazarov’s identity, in exchange for it being more willing to teach them the secrets of the Doppelganger.

Nazarov’s funeral will be held shortly. I hope to honor his commitment to The Citadel, as well as this group of Slayers. We have lost a good man.

-High Priest, Nový Poradie



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