The Citadel

Eighth Mission

The Black Labs of Majak

When The Slayers came to my office on November 16th, they were surprised to find that it was not Orcs they would be facing. Rather, a series of disappearances had been taking place in Settel again. Most of them groaned, and it was suggested that the citizens should move to a different area, instead of the Slayers continuing to need to protect them. Do not fear, for I did as I should and warned them that such words would lead to strict or consequences.

All we knew from our scouts was that creatures had been coming into the village, possibly undead ones, and taking slabĂ­ dead or alive. We did not know the reason, or what was truly going on. That was what the Slayers had to learn.

Sensing a difficult mission, we sent a group of seven Slayers out, the usual group (without Friedrich, who is now considered worrisome for his fraternization with Sprits) in addition to Astartes, and new group member, a half-even Warmage named Veren. Unfortunately, on the way to the village, a white dragon attacked, and Astartes died before even reaching Settel. Priscus was severely injured, but he was healed.

The group reached the village and quickly learned that most of the disappearances had been blamed Antonin, a sorcerer, by the villagers, who was the first to disappear. Furthermore, he had wandered into the forest himself, which only increased suspicion. The group decided to go to the man’s house, where they found his wife. She was at first reluctant to speak to them, but they forced themselves in, and Halien interrogated her. He learned that in the forest, there was an abandoned Majak lab that her husband had found, and lately he had not come back from it. Meanwhile, Parolles and Priscus searched the house. They found a ring, which Priscus discovered was magical, and helped one in searching. The woman demanded the ring back, telling them that her husband had made it for her. However, she was ignored, and Halien told her that it was advance payment for finding her husband.

The next morning, the group left for the building. Even with the woman’s vague directions, they discovered it fairly easily. Halien found a magical trap near the entrance, and with some trouble they managed to enter.

In the first room of the lab, there were two doors. The one to the left had been opened, and the lock was discarded by it. The one to the right was still locked. At first, the group chose the unlocked one. They wandered into a room filled with long tables and discarded alchemical supplies. Outside of their light, creatures moved in the shadows. After searching for potions that were still functional, they moved on to the next room.

Here, Magnus threw his sword, lit with magic, to the end of the hallway. However, halfway through its trajectory, it stopped, turned around, and came flying back at him. From there, Parolles and Veren were grabbed by a malevolent force and flung across the room, outside of the light. The shadows that had demanded their souls before came to Veren and drained him of his strength, while Parolles was able to run away. Priscus lit up the room with a fire spell, and the group fought off the shadow creatures. However, Veren was drained. They determined it best to leave the area and come back when he was recovered.

Five days later, they returned to the complex and found that the trap had been reset. After disabling it, they took the other door, and walked into another room filled with abandoned alchemical supplies. Other than two eye-spaced holes, nothing was a threat here. However, in the next room they discovered a Haunting Trap that made them become extremely depressed and hopeless. Here, a giant skeleton-like creature, identified as a Boneclaw, emerged and attempted to kill them. Thankfully, it was fought off fairly easily, and the group moved on to the next room.

It is worth noting that they discovered something of interest in this place. In a room roughly in the center of the complex, holding tanks containing enormous numbers of perfectly preserved dead bodies were still maintained. We do not know what kind of technology Majakians had. However, it is disturbing how they used it.

Finally, the group moved on to the final room, where they faced the sorcerer who had left the village. However, they also witnessed something surprising: near the end of the room was a disturbing golden idol. The sorcerer, who was deteriorated mentally and physically, seemed to hold some kind of fascination for it.

After trying to talk him down, and making him drop his guard, Halien fired two arrows. He was injured, and the battle began. The sorcerer started by summoning an undead abomination, and made it distract the group while he defended himself. His fatal error, however, was that his shield could not defend against the magic weapons of the Slayers, and he was defeated. After a discussion over whether he would be spared, Magnus killed him.

The group then discussed what should be done with the idol. At first, Magnus beat it with a small tree he had carried into the building. However, it showed no sign of damage. Somehow, it was established that the best idea was to tie a rope around it (without touching it) and pull it off of the ledge it was perched on. However, after falling twenty three feet, it showed no signs of damage. The Slayers dragged it back to The Citadel on a rope, and presented it to a High Priest, who told them that their best option was to place it in the research division and leave it there for now.

Recently, I have seen it, and the very image of it haunts me. Perhaps I am not in any position to recommend actions taken, but I believe that we are dealing with things best left alone here. Given what the idol did to that sorcerer, and its indestructible nature, I believe that it should be locked up and abandoned, never allowed to see the light of day.

Though I doubt anyone will listen.

-High Priest, Novy Poradie.



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