In the rough tongue of the Slabí, Zverák means “The Vice”. A more appropriate name has rarely been chosen. They, with their primitive and undeveloped technology, (Except for the cowards of Svätyne) cannot escape the maw, and lack the supernatural abilities that other humanoids (such as Dwarves, Elves, and Gnomes) rely upon to survive. In Zverák, we, as mere humans, are almost helpless.

If you are a Scout, a Slayer, or a Priest who dreams of a place in the Hierarchy, you may already know of the hazards of this cursed land. If you have never left The Citadel, then know this: Outside of our sanctuary, you are never safe. Here, the dead rise from their graves. The animals are tainted by black magic. The Orcs raid villages and leave nothing behind. Mortality rates for Slayers on their first mission are close to 50%. It is a number we have tried to soften through every way imaginable, but no matter what we do, we cannot quite prepare any of you for the true danger that awaits above.

The monsters and magic of Zverák are not the only danger you will face. The very environment shall be your foe. Winters are long, starting in November and running until March, and even in the apex of Summer, the temperature is still chilly. Wind, rain, and (for most of the year) snow are constant obstacles.

If you go South of the maw, exiting through a pass on its eastern corner, the cold will subside. However, the trees grow thicker here, and you will step into the lands of the fey. Human settlements exist on the edges of this great forest, but none are foolish enough to enter. The fey are oft found to have twisted senses of humor, knowing no difference between a prank in which the victim is fooled, or the victim dies. The Elves live here. However, they have shown no sign of warmth toward humans, and the rare elf that joins us will be a stranger to the ways of his people. Slabí have been found dead with elf arrows protruding from them, so it is safer to assume that they are monsters like everything else.

If you venture further south, you will reach the shore of the Rozdeliť, the massive sea that, in conjunction with the Oštep ridge to the west, separates us from our neighbors. If you were to attempt an action as insane as taking a boat and attempting to sail through the Rozdeliť, your survival would be unlikely, to say the very least. The water is filled with unimaginable horrors that have cleared the decks of entire ships, or even swallowed them whole.

Going North instead, exiting on the western corner you will face the inhospitable, certain death of the nigh-artic tundras. The Orcs come from here, which is reason enough to avoid the area. But even if you entered during the Summer you would face a freezing desert, with no food, and no water short of thick, dirty snow. Even getting here can be difficult, as the mountain ridge to the north is thicker and taller, its pass less pronounced, and inhabited by man-eating trolls and giants. The Dwarves are said to live here as well, and they are the most helpful of the other races, however indirectly so. They are engaged in a long, ongoing war against the Orcs. Occasionally, when we are lucky, they will distract them all winter.

So, as you can see, Zverák is a dangerous place. If you ever do leave our walls, go knowing that. When you venture outside, do not be ignorant, do not be careless, and above all, do not be arrogant. For the moment you walk without your eyes, ears, or mind, something will be there to take from you your life.


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