In one word: Cowards.

In multiple words: The land of Svätyne is the last remaining human lordship in Zverák. It is ruled by the Koslod family, passing the rule from father to son.

It is, surprisingly, a beacon of fairly advanced civilization. While it does not have the technology or magical knowledge of The Citadel, it has the military might required to hold its own, and defend its borders.

The problem with this, (and the main source of the disagreement between Svätyne and The Citadel) is that this is the only thing the Koslods have any motivation to do. They have the power to make a difference in Zverák, but they choose not to, and leave the burden entirely on our shoulders. The case that they make is one of safety and sanctuary. They want one place in the whole of this country where people can live in and feel safe, and they do not want to risk that safety by losing the lives of their guards in “unnecessary” fights against monsters. In short, they are cowardly.

The most darkly humorous element of the entire political situation between Svätyne and The Citadel is that we were once allies. In fact, they were our most longstanding and useful ally. Though we did not and still do not see eye to eye with their view on what should be done in this land. Unfortunately, not so long ago, our lack of communication caused this alliance to fizzle, and now we do not even have a trade agreement.

The current lord of Svätyne is Miro Koslod. So far, he has shown no deviation from his family’s history of self-serving beliefs.

The Svätyne Guard

They are not Slayers. However, it is still foolhardy to challenge the might of Svätyne’s army, known as the Svätyne Guard. They are easily identifiable by the white and gold colors of their armor. In combat, they will frequently use halberds or spears, due to their long reach. Other members of the army come equipped with tower shields and longswords. They are usually very heavily armored, and their only weakness is that this makes them slower and clumsier. However, with their sheer might, they have proven to overrun most enemies quite easily. We do not know whether we would beat them in combat, and we have no ambitions of trying.


The Citadel Aquamantor