Priscu’s first factory and base of operations.
Located about 50 miles away from Svätyne, 150 miles from the Citadel and has direct connection to the Tunnel it has a coal and steel mine, and small amount of farming.
It’s defenses area a very basic and simple 5 to 10 foot thick wooden wall about 30 to 40 feet high and a central tower about 60 feet tall that seems to be made of stone (it’s actually mostly made of wood but it has been coated with a somewhat thick coating of stone). Construction of a larger wall and expansion to the tower have begun.
The workers work 6 days a week for 8 to 10hrs a day and are payed 2 silver, food and lodging is included.
There is no more need for the production of weaponry and the art of smelting large pieces of metal along with innovative transportation and industrial devices are the main objectives of Priscus.

Population 132 before the survivors from the Citadel where found.
Current Population 256. Current immigration rate bout 7 new souls per month, additionally expected growth rate 5%. Expected population in 10 years 1400.
Gp Limit: fluctuation between 180,000gp to 4000gp. Normally only 15,000gp.

Here is a picture of his new, larger workshop

View from far away kinda looks like this.


The Citadel Priscus