Spirit Worship

Spirit worship is a growing trend amongst the Slabí, who are growing increasingly disconnected with The Old Faith, and increasingly more connected with the world of The Spirits. However, it is not only amongst them. Many of our Citadel brothers and sisters have taken up the worship of Spirits themselves, and the number seems to be increasing daily.

The origins of Spirit worship are thought to be from the other races, most likely the Elves. Somehow, it bled into human society, and it has since been quickly spreading. Spirit-worshipers do not actually worship all of The Spirits, but instead a single one. Since direct communication with Spirits is impossible, they will usually give the being a fake name that they can call it by. Surprisingly, Spirits seem to appreciate being worshiped, or at least offer power to those who so willingly reach out for it.

Spirits demand sacrifices in exchange for this power, and a Cleric of a Spirit must learn quickly what it is that his idol desires to avoid disaster. In general Spirit-worshipers are very likely to attempt to trade with Spirits. Other than this, however, we hold no contempt for them, and do not particularly care what our siblings choose to worship so long as they serve The Citadel.

Alignment: Spirits’ alignments vary greatly

Favored Weapon: Just as varied as alignment

Domains: All Spirits represent something. A Spirit will only have two domains: the aspect it represents, and the strongest force of its alignment. (IE: A Chaotic Neutral Spirit is Chaotic, A Chaotic Good spirit is Good. Good and Evil usually trump Law and Chaos, but this is not a universal rule) If a Spirit is true neutral, it will have its alignment domain replaced with Balance.

Spirit Worship

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