Through the endless white they are not seen.

In the beginning, you hear only the drum.

Pleas for mercy will not intervene.

Slaves and slaughter. That is why they come.

-An unknown poet

One of our most common enemies, the orcs (specifically labeled as the snow orcs) are a vicious, barbaric race that inhabits the northern tundra. They hate all other races, including humans, and have no drive other than to conquer and kill. They are currently locked in a vicious war with the dwarves, which has been going on as long as The Citadel remembers. However, that does not stop them from occasionally traveling past the mountains and raiding human settlements. In fact, it very well may encourage them. The dwarves are fierce opponents for them, and they perhaps enjoy our comparatively easy pickings.

They are completely white-skinned, with a grey or very slight blue tint, and bright red eyes. Their hair, when they have it, is the color of ivory. Other than this, they have great tusks, and slightly pig-like features, with an unobtrusive snout and smaller ears. They tend to be a foot or two taller than humans, and much bulkier. In combat, they will wear the hides of their only resource: the white woolies.

Between their armor, their skin color, and their hair, they blend perfectly into the snow, and take advantage of it in brutal ambushes. But the times when they are to be most feared are, ironically, when they announce their presence. They use the beat of their great drums to keep large numbers of warriors in line. If these sounds are to be heard, it is best to evacuate a village and flee. There is little hope of anything short of an army of slayers proving victorious. Orcs do not surrender, nor do they accept surrender. They will fight until either the entirety of their opponents are dead and captured, or they are. A village after an Orc raid is completely destroyed and emptied, stripped of all its resources and inhabitants. Despite their vicious natures, they do have a weakness: Light blinds them, and under heat they burn far faster than humans.

The other piece of information we can be thankful for is that they only attack in winter, when the weather is advantageous to them. Scouts have revealed that the snow orc lifestyle is a dull one. The white wollies are the only true resource they can count on, and they use every piece of the animal for their clothes, their shelter, and their food. When they are not warring with other races, they are warring with each other, and it is remarkable that their society stays afloat at all with the vicious ways in which the clans fight. Those who are not killed in successful orc raids are taken as slaves, and are treated horribly for the remainder of their inevitably short lives.

Though the orcs are barbaric, they are not inherently so. Their’s is not a supernatural evil such as that of vampires or pixies, but rather the result of a cultural ideology revolving around bloodshed. It is possible for an orc to be conditioned to live in human society, though he would require an outlet for his natural drive toward intensity.


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