In short: fools.

Once a paradise, Maják lies in shambles, proving only that there can be no pleasure in Zverák. Safety? Perhaps. Pleasure? Never.

When Zverák was settled, three major points of civilization were formed: The Citadel in the center, Svätyne to the southwest, and Maják to the northeast. At the very least, The Citadel and Svätyne both knew that safety was our only priority. Maják, however, disagreed. They believed that this was a land ripe with opportunity. Through magical experimentation, they had learned how to harness the power of The Spirits.

No one knows what went wrong in Maják, but prior to its disaster, it was a beacon of magical and technological prowess. They knew the secrets of The Spirits, and used them to make their lives safe and comfortable. Many of our researchers still demand whatever hidden information exists within Maják. However, in year 129, when the city collapsed, it was filled with undead and abominations too horrible to be mentioned, placing it amongst the most dangerous places in Zverák. In attempts to gain more power for the Citadel, patrols of Slayers have been sent in the past, but they have either been smart enough to turn back, or have not returned.

It is likely that the knowledge inside will remain forever hidden.


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