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Known as “The Vice” by the unfortunate peasants who live there, Zverák is a northern country,the core of which is a wide maw between several mountain ridges. It is cold and rainy, with long, snowy winters, and is filled to the brim with more monsters and dark magic than any other place in the known world. Dwarves, Elves, and Gnomes struggle to survive here, meaning that for humans, it is an ill-advised place to live.

But humans have a nasty habit of staying where they aren’t wanted.

Under harsh weather conditions and constant, vicious attack, human villages barely survive. The Zverákians have been forced to become hardy and adaptable. Any who attempt escape must brave the southern forests, the mountains to the east and west, or (most unthinkable at all) the harsh northern tundra. The reckless youth who flee are never seen in Zverák again. It is unlikely that this is due to their success.

But the shambled and desecrated villages do have one boon, one everlasting icon of both hope and misery that has forever haunted and protected them: The Citadel. Built long ago utilizing more advanced technology and magic than those above are capable of understanding, The Citadel is a hidden underground society devoted to the slaying of monsters and the preservation of Zverák at any cost.

Those of The Citadel are not driven by morals, but to many of the Slabí villages, they are the only hope there is. Their motto and creed is that the ends justify the means. In a world where killing a monster may mean carving your way through innocent peasants, how far will you go to be a hero?

Below are the confidential and hidden archives of The Citadel, available only to those who have found their place within our walls. It is with our deepest regret that we inform any member of the Citadel that, if a Slabým is discovered to have read or be reading a single word, it is their duty to slay them and any they have interacted with immediately.

May The Spirits favor you.



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