A term used to describe those who have strong leadership positions in The Citadel. When referring to the Hierarchy you are speaking of the High Priests, The Pánov, and/or The Revered Maiden

Usually, The Pánov rule over larger and more heavy-handed affairs, such as what to do about orc raids over the course of a long winter. The High Priests are in charge of smaller issues, involving micromanagement, such as assigning missions to Scouts and Slayers. They will each have their own meetings, in which they discuss their own affairs. The Revered Maiden is present at every one of these meetings.

A Hierarchy meeting, however, is a meeting in which She, the High Priests, and The Pánov are all present. During these times, The High Priests are allowed to discuss their issues with The Pánov in an open environment. These meetings are infrequent, but important when they occur.

One of The Revered Maiden’s unique rights is the ability to call a strike meeting, a sudden emergency meeting of the Hierarchy, at any time. These meetings are rare, and are only called in dire situations. If this ever happens, it bodes ill for The Citadel.


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