The nomadic halfling tribes are a morbidly welcome sign that humans are not the only race that struggles to survive in Zverák.

Small, in both stature and number, the halflings in this land are a desperate people, who have survived only through the most extreme levels of caution. They live in family-clans, and move frequently to avoid attacks from monsters or harsh weather. They do not grow their own food, and they cannot reliably hunt, so are instead scavengers. The Slabí have contempt for them, as they have a history of stealing much-needed food.

It is unlikely that you will ever interact with halflings, as they rarely stay in one place, and they will flee from any visitor that they do not recognize. They are not too much of a threat, though the occasional bold halfling may try to rob a Slayer or Scout, make sure to discourage this behavior.

Running, hiding, and being unheard are things that halflings have grown to be adept at, and the few of them among us make excellent scouts.


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