A small people, the gnomes have been compared to dwarves, however they are vastly different.

Magical by nature, gnomes spend most of their lives hiding, in small barely noticeable mounds beneath the snow. They go outside for food, water, and not much else.

Though the gnomes naturally have magic in them, they rarely use their powers. In fact, they avoid fighting at all. Largely nonviolent, the gnomes respond to most dangerous situations by fleeing. The fact that they survive better in this land than we do is outright embarrassing.

If you find a gnome’s burrow, it is recommended that you search it. They are likely to possess powerful magical items or valuable treasures. Feel no qualms about stealing from them. We need their magic more than they do.

The gnomes that join us are rare, but they exist. Usually they become crafters or workers. However, for some reason, the rare one has even been selected as a slayer.


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