A long-lived, wise people of nature, the elves are believed to be more good-natured than the other creatures occupying their forests. However, we have had little contact with them, and they do not willingly socialize with us at all. They have been responsible for the deaths of humans in the past, so it is best not to trust them.

Residing within the forest of the fey, the elves do not build cities. It is rumored that the nature spirits favor them, providing them with everything they need.

Beyond that, however, their culture is unknown to us.

Out of all the non-human races within the Citadel (who are rare in the first place) elves are the rarest. The elf that we do have is typically one who has wandered out of the forest at a very young age, and is a stranger to the ways of his people. Elves have the longest lives out of any race, and for this reason their experience at the Citadel is vastly different. There is at least one elf that we recruited back when we first opened our gates to non-humans (over a hundred years ago) who is not yet fully grown.


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