The Dwarves are, out of all the other races, our closest and least mysterious neighbors.

They dwell within the mountain ridge to the north, the maw south of them, the tundra above them. There, they have had to fight for their land as long as we have known them. They are engaged in three wars: one with the giants, one with the trolls, and one with the orcs.

They, however, have adapted to their seemingly desperate and inhospitable situation. Not only are their armies powerful and well-trained, but they have created mazes of caverns laced with traps, with are necessary to pass through if you even want to reach their society. They have (as reported to us) giant cylinders that shoot fire. They have better weapons and armor than any we have ever made.

Unfortunately, the dwarves are cold toward us. we have proposed an alliance multiple times, but from such an agreement they stand with nothing to gain, and we with everything. It is ill-recommended to try to visit them, as their traps do not halt for visitors with no mischief, and any diplomacy with them will not be fruitful.

Despite all of this, the dwarves are indirectly helpful to us. Some winters, they end up entirely fighting off the threats of their respective enemies (especially the orcs) so that we do not have to.

There are some dwarves in The Citadel. Most of them have been brought up by us, and swear their allegiance to us rather than their brothers. For this reason, unfortunately, we cannot us them for diplomacy. Like most of the other races, dwarves live a very different life in The Citadel, due to their long life-spans.


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