The Musketmen’s Firearms
Masterwork Musket 1d12 x3 range increment 150ft a standard action to reload. Price 900gp
Masterwork Bayonet 1d6 x2 damage when used against a charge x2 piercing damage can be used as a slashing weapon.
Masterwork Pistol 1d10 x3 range increment 150ft a standard action to reload. Price 550gp
Normally a ranged touch attack is sufficient to deal damage with guns.
Requires Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms) to use properly.
The elite Musket-men had the same but their Muskets where typically plus 2 PSYCHOKINETIC Masterwork Muskets. Price 8900gp with adamantium bullets.
The champion’s Musket was special
plus 3 PSYCHOKINETIC KEEN Masterwork Winchester Rifle 2d10 19 to 20 x2 and also adamantium bullets. It held 10 bullets and took 1 standard action to reload 3 bullets. Price 21600gp
This gun In addition to Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms)required Weapon Proficiency (Personal Fierarms)

Price of Musket 500gp, masterwork 900gp 10lb
Price of Pistol 250gp, masterwork 550gp 3lb
Powder 2 pounds 35g
Ammunition 10 for 3gp, masterwork 9gp 1lb
Adamantine ammunition 10 for 63gp, masterwork 69gp 1lb
Winchester 3000gp, masterwork 3600gp 10lb
Amunition 10 for 50gp, masterwork 56gp 1lb
Adamantine 10 for 110gp, masterwork 116gp 1lb



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