The Verdant Prince

A granter of wishes...but not without a price


In a desperate, and weakened moment, the Slayers encountered the Verdant Prince in the forest. Having already been warned not to accept one of his deals by a Centaur, they nonetheless felt that they had no choice. After they made their deal, the Prince skillfully turned it around so that they came out with just as many problems as when they had started.

In truth, the Verdant Prince is not any sort of Prince, and is if anything disdained by the forest he is a part of. He is violent, lustful, and generally destructive. Thankfully, his own magical power is limited. However, there is a condition that can make it limitless: if he makes a deal with another creature, he has the capability to give them whatever they want. Each of these “deals” slightly increases his own power, as well, and he seeks them out above all other things.

This would be good if the Verdant Prince were not cruel and mischievous. However, he is, and unless he has an ulterior motive to making his deal fair, he will go to great pains to make it come out wrong. It could be speculated that the Verdant Prince’s prideful and arrogant nature leads him to manifest a strange sense of envy when dealing with other creatures. They can have whatever they want from him. Yet he, the granter of desires, has only limited power for himself. Perhaps this resent is what leads him to create horrific circumstances in his deals, or perhaps he is simply malicious, in the way that some fey are.

No one knows what became of the Verdant Prince, but he has not been seen in the forest since Grevhton’s revolution. It is believed that he left. However, there is a story going around of a fey, wrapped in tightly coiled wool, being hung from a rock in a far off land. His description is strangely similar to the Verdant Prince.

Merely something to consider.

The Verdant Prince

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