The Contact

A man


A mysterious man associated with Julius, who upon originally meeting him asked him to just refer to him as: “your contact”. Julius has known him since he became an Assassin, but never any better than he does now. He is very intelligent and well-informed, but often asks Julius to do things that go even against The Citadel’s morals. The Contact often talks of some kind of organization behind him, bringing up the word “we” frequently. However, Julius himself does not actually know the name of this organization, only vaguely that it’s purpose is to do what is necessary without The Citadel’s restrictions getting in the way. While The Contact occasionally, rarely, makes jokes, he is never sociable or remotely friendly with Julius, only concerned with getting the job done. When complimenting him, the best he will ever say is “you have been useful”.

He was killed when The Citadel was invaded, and accepted his death. However, it became strangely clear that his goals differed from that of the organization. What, exactly, he was driven toward may never be known, but it involved Julius, and his knowledge that he would survive.

Several months after The Citadel was rebuilt, a man looking somewhat like Julius and the contact came directly to the gate. Risking death at the drop of a hat, he told them that he wished for entry. He was identified as the Contact fairly quickly, and he asked if he could lead the new Citadel’s espionage division. Mages detected his thoughts to see if he was genuine, and found that the entire time he had been secretly working against Grevhton’s organization. He was appointed as the leader of espionage…with constant surveillance ordered on him. Unfortunately, at some point, the spies simply lost him. Any other attempt at tracking his movements around The Citadel similarly failed. The Panov have decided to give it up and spend their resources elsewhere.


The Contact

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