A strange Fey woman seen in the forest


Shanara is a white haired, white skinned, and red eyed woman who is extremely beautiful. She is never seen without a long dress that goes far beneath her feet. As she talks, she avoids opening her mouth too much, as she does not want to show her massive, razor sharp teeth.

Her words are strange and alien. She will often repeat statements, and call the group rude when they say things that seem anything but. She seems as if she may be extremely powerful, though the group does not know for sure, they do not want to risk it. After meeting the group, she told them that they would be her friends, and that she would not “eat” them…unless she felt like it.

She has been identified as a Glaistig, a blood-drinking Fey with an alien mindset that avoids showing what lies beneath its skirt, and kills anyone who sees.

After helping the group numerous times, and proving crucial in some missions, Shanara stopped contacting the group after they spoke to the Verdant Prince, and revealed that he was the reason why she was more powerful than any other Glaistig and no longer bound to water. Desperately, Shanara had hoped that making a deal with the Prince would free her and allow her to live as what she truly wished to be: a mortal. However, like all deals, it turned out wrong. And now Shanara can neither be called a Glaistig nor any kind of mortal. She is left to wander the forest forever, seeking contact with the non-fey races she wishes she could live amongst.

Shanara joined in on the final battle with Schem Grevhton, after which she desired nothing more than to become a human. However, the only person with the power to grant this wish would be the Revered Maiden, and four people still had to sacrifice themselves to recreate her. Realizing that if she could not become a human, she could at least die like one, Shanara was the first to volunteer. Her soul lives on in the bind between Maiden and Spirit.



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