Schem Grevhton

The Leader of the Slayers


The Citadel’s Current High Bogatyr, Schem Grevhton is the leader of the Slayers and a member of The Pánov. He functions as a commander of sorts, and is the direct manager of where High Priests send groups of Slayers. This means that, despite his vast combat experience, he rarely has time to interact with Slayers directly, though he always makes sure to attend graduations.

Schem has been noted as quiet, and dutiful. When he first graduated as a Slayer, it had been nearly a decade since the end of the war with the Blood Cult (or the vampire wars), and the Citadel was desperately trying to recover from it’s losses. For this reason, he and the other Slayers faced a harsh battle, as in The Citadel’s weakened state, the world outside stayed just as fierce. In Grevhton’s time, every threat to the Citadel was grave, and this experience has shaped him. He has learned to be cautious, and to prevent all possible problems rather than dealing with them once they occur. And this has greatly shaped The Citadel’s tactics over the last several decades.

He was chosen as High Bogatyr by the almost unanimous vote of the Panov. And for good reason. Many younger members of The Citadel will be surprised to learn that, in years past, it never truly felt like a place of security. However, with Grevhton commanding, it has in some ways become the sanctuary that it was always meant to be.

However, there is a dark side to Schem Grevhton. His desire to protect humanity goes too far. He led a violent revolution, and took The Citadel for his own. Now, with a tainted army behind him, his intend is to destroy the Spirits, simply to win the “War” that he perceives humanity is fighting against them. What will happen when he does this is unclear, but it will doubtlessly not be good.

Thankfully, Schem Grevhton’s revolution failed, as his army was attacked by a force consisting of almost everyone combat-worthy in Zverak, united by Priscus Primoris and the Spirits, but not before he managed to consume several Spirits and transform into a horrible monstrosity. Even in this final desperate act, he was too late, and was defeated nonetheless.

His dying words were that, even if he had lost, his actions had created an alliance between humans and The Spirits, ending the war and saving humanity. And, in that, he had still won.

His soul was absorbed by WAR. Desiring redemption, he gave what little was left of himself to create the new Revered Maiden.


Schem Grevhton

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