Novy Poradie

A High Priest of The Citadel


Young by High Priest Standards, Novy Poradie is in his late 30s-early 40s. Roughly a year ago, he was appointed his first group of Slayers. Originally, things went well, but eventually a large portion of the group was either killed or disbanded, and Novy had to start over. Since then, he has struggled with getting a working group off of the ground, and though he now may have finally established one, the status of it has earned it the nickname “Novy’s band of freaks”. Due to both this, and Novy’s differing beliefs from most of the other High Priests, he has become somewhat of an outcast.

For unknown reasons, one of Novy’s ex-slayers attacked him several months ago. The Slayer in question was Halien, and was killed without hesitation. A different High Priest, Czislo, took many of his former members. When Novy recovered, he rounded up a new group again, which was when “Novy’s band of freaks” officially started.

When Schem Grevhton assaulted The Citadel, Novy was the only High Priest to survive. He greatly aided in rebuilding The Citadel by discovering how to create a new Revered Maiden and putting the plan into motion. Once the new Citadel was established, Novy became a member of the Panov, and lived out his final days in peace.


Novy Poradie

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