Crasa Primoris


No longer runs Targ’s workshop, which is still owned by Priscus.
Now she takes care of her 4 new-born children and is pregant with another one.
She has now married Priscus shortly after the battle in The Citadal, the ceremony was extrodinearly lavish and hundreds attended.

The first day it was simply a day of feast and rest and all types of foods where eatenn, mostly exotic fruits and clean vegtables with asortments of nuts and cheeses, extravagant deserts and that night bards played for the first half of the night and in the second half Centaurs played. In the second day there was a tournament where wisards, mages and all types of arcane and divine spellcasters(some outsiders and casters from diferent planes came to participate) attened in non-leathal duels. Priscus himself participated in the event, his signature move was turning the opponent into a frog(but not permantly) unfurtunatly after the thrid round he lost to a young mind flayer. The third day was there was a large ceremony in the where they formally got “married” although they where already in union. The fourth day the duels continued but most people either had to go back to work or where symply to overwhelmed by the tremendous dysplayes of magic of the finalists that at this point where just crashing the party to Duel. Priscus politly asked that they continew the duel over at a more dicreate area as to not diturb the dayly lives of the symple folc. It is said that the duels continewd for three weeks and the last duel was between a Solar, Angel and a Golden Dragon…

NOTE: Parolles Zeno was nowwhere to been seen at the party, when Priscus was asked where he was, for it was understood that they where good friends he seamed show some sidayn and simply respond today is a day for great celebration my firend and smile.


Born into one of the more respected families in the Citadel her father was a high priest whom was in charge of deciding when and who would be released of their duties as a slayer to serve some other purpose such as a teacher, crafter, guard, watchman or the like. She was originally a slayer and function as one of the Healers in the group, but after going to Riverwood for a simple mission to stabilize the wolf population she was (to many peoples surprise) given the profession of a crafter. But few dare question his father for he is known for being a great diviner.

Crasa Primoris

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