hp:37 Ac:20 str:30 dex:16 con:20 int:4 wis:10 cha:4
will save: 2 reflex save: 3 fortitude save:8


two priests were tasked with recording some of corns information. this is there tale.

one priest worked as scribe the other as questioner.

priest: for the record what is your name?
corn: mmm?
priest: your name what are you called?
corn: cooorrrrnnn!
priest: …. ok corn where where you born?
corn: (looks in corner of room)
priest: hey pay attention!
corn: (looks at priest, shrugs)
priest: ok we will move on to something simpler. as a slayer what will be you job?
corn: kill tings good for me citidal cuz monsters is bads like the (descends into incoherent babbling)
priest: yes… corn.. good… now we have some records from past missions of yours.
corn: me no do it!
priest: do what?!
corn: notin
priest: what where you talking about?
corn: who are you?
priest: that isnt the point what were you talking about the mission report states that you are to be kept away from small animals why?
corn: be you girl?
priest: i am a man and answer the question!
corn: (crawls under table) no
priest: @#$%#!
(priest gives up and leaves room.)

final verdict:
positives: good at fighting, sturdy, means well, can be trusted to stupid to lie.

negatives: stupid, ughly, smells bad, eats too much, high mortality rate, scares easly, needs constant supervision, quick to anger, illiterate, stupid!, will starve if left alone, extreamly trusting, Stupid!!

Left the Citadel. Was last seen riding off into the forest on a badger the size of a castle after making a deal with the Verdant Prince. Thankfully, no news has been heard of him. He is assumed to be dead.

In unrelated news The Citadel has become a chief exporter of wool, after many other countries with livestock are suffering strange uprisings led by a creature known as the “Sheepotaur”.


The Citadel Pookie