The Citadel

The end of everything (23)

I don't know why I'm still writing this

Everything we’ve worked for is gone. The Citadel, the Slayers, even the Revered Maiden. I can’t keep the old rhetoric anymore, and I struggle even to write this. We’re done.

Schem Grevhton led it. A revolution, the power of The Citadel was overthrown, what little power there was that wasn’t on his side. He replaced the scouts and Slayers with an army of tainted soldiers, and killed those who wouldn’t join him. He cast a spell throughout the entire Citadel…and killed everyone.

The Revered Maiden took some of us, protected us…but she was weakened, and we had to fight to escape from the Citadel. By the time we had gotten out, only a handful of Slayers remained, the rest had covered for our retreat…where are the other High Priests? Am I the only one left?

Grevhton demanded that the maiden give herself to him, so that The Citadel would be safe. But she would not go with him…and rather than joining him…she killed herself. She’s gone. We’re alone.

And he let us go. Because we weren’t a threat.

And now there’s nothing but me, a handful of Slayers, and a group of orphans going to Coldrock, to find WAR and Laelis.

What Grevhton intends to do is horrible…he wants to destroy the spirits. He wants to destroy everything, just so that he can win.

And I have no idea how we can stop him.



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