The Citadel

Tenth Mission (21)

The Verdant Prince

The Slayers’ mission this time was to save a group of Slabi who had disappeared into the forest recently. A scout had recently identified a Slabym as possessing knowledge of the direction the villagers had disappeared in. With little else to go off of, my Slayers were sent after this man, as he led them through the forest to an unknown destination.

Before they had ventured far from the Slabi village, a Centaur approached them. It spoke to Gonsun, who could comprehend its language, and told him that he must not make a deal with the Verdant Prince, and that while it could benefit him, it would only end in disaster.

Their journey was interrupted by stumbling across the ruins of a forgotten civilization. This would be fine, if disturbing statues had not dotted them. Zayn was aware that these were not natural statues, but were instead constructs, and Laelis detected magic upon them.

However, everything was fine until the group noticed one of the statues moving behind them just as they were leaving.

They were completely unsure of it, but saw that it spit blood out of its face. This strange display made them fear it, and Laelis attacked it. However, it did not respond to this. Tentatively, WAR walked up to it and attempted to shake its hand. When it did, it coughed again, and blood flew out across WAR. Angered, and feeling something magical try to take hold of him, WAR attacked and destroyed the creature instantly.

However, once this happened, the group sensed an anger around them, and ran.

They were attacked, however, by a strange singing fey, as they tried to escape. The creature killed Laelis and WAR, and then flew away, laughing.

Trapped and unsure of whether they were able to continue their mission, the remainder of the group pondered returning to The Citadel. However, this was when the being known as the Verdant Prince appeared. He stated that he could bring back Laelis and WAR, and in addition he would give them all the Slabi they needed to complete the mission. in exchange for a single favor: they must capture a nymph for him, his lost lover. The forest had apparently decided that the two of them should not be together, and it would greatly anger it if he did anything to win her back. However, he promised that if they took her, As if to demonstrate his capability of granting their every desire, he returned the mission family of the Slabi who had helped them.

Ulfgar, Zayn, and Gonsun knew that the deal was dangerous, but they were desperate, and felt that they could not complete their mission otherwise. So they took the Verdant Prince up on his offer, and bound themselves to him.

The group then ventured south, to where the Verdant Prince’s “lost lover” had supposedly been. Gonsun noticed that the area seemed familiar. When they got there, they prepared an assault, and almost instantly destroyed the two treants guarding the nymph. She revealed herself, and declared them traitors, and in this moment Gonsun realized that it was the same nymph that they had encountered guarded by satyrs before.

Just then, “Corn!” Ran in.

He charged into the water, grabbed the Nymph, and pulled her to the shore. The other Slayers were both shocked and horrified at what they had done, and in wonder at why “Corn!” was here. Nonetheless, the Verdant Prince Appeared, and gave Laelis and WAR back as promised, as well as the villagers. However, all of the Slayers were horrified as they saw how he abused the nymph they had helped him capture right before their eyes. He informed them that yes, the forest would forget what they had done today, but the evidence would still exist, and it would be clear to decipher that Slayers had caused it.

And then “Corn!” wanted to make a deal. It is probably best not to dwell on the circumstances of this, but he ended up riding away on a colossal badger declaring that he would be the Verdant Prince’s manservant. We haven’t heard from him since.

The group, somewhat demoralized by what they had ended up doing, returned to the Slabi village. Though they had succeeded at their mission, this success had not come without cost. As they prepared to enter the Portal Stone, Shanara spoke to them, but did not appear. From her, they learned that she had made a deal with the Verdant Prince to escape the water she was bound to and no longer be a Glaistig, hoping to become a mortal. However, he had twisted the deal around, and made it so that she was neither a mortal, nor a Glaistig, only a being that did not belong, desperately attempting to make contact with the humanity that she desired to become a part of, but could not.

The Slayers returned to The Citadel and reported what had happened to me, and I am unsure of the steps that must now be taken. It seems that the entire forest will soon be angered at us. Some form of diplomacy may be called for.

-High Priest, Novy Poradie



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