The Citadel

Sixth Mission

The Love of Beasts

On October 13th, The Slayers came before me again. Their mission, even to me, seemed standard: Go to the village of Riverwood, and kill the wolves that had been attacking. It seems that it ended up being far more complicated than I had anticipated. Kaja had been removed this mission, and was replaced by two new Slayers: Astartes, an elf, and Ulfgar, a Dwarf. The addition of these members makes the group a strange amalgam of races, but hopefully it will not obstruct any attempts at diplomacy. The travel was easy enough. It involved the Slayers returning to Hillfoot, a place they had been before, and going beyond into the forest. The first complication arose when a storm broke overnight. The following day, the Slayers ran into a traveling group of Slabí from a village that had been destroyed by giants. It was decided that the Slabí would be led to Hillfoot, where they would be dropped off. This went well, until the next day, when the group was attacked by great birds. Several Slabí were killed, and Astartes was almost killed, but thankfully survived, albeit with a large facial scar. The villagers were led to Hillfoot, where they were set to stay. The group also chose to stay in the village overnight. There, they had a run-in with Berret Kren, one of the doppelganger suspects of their third mission. Berret eventually managed to get gold from the Slayers, and tried to use that gold for the purpose of womanizing. However, Halien stalked him, and interrupted him and his would-be lover in the middle of their tryst. There was a skirmish and confusion as Ulfgar was convinced that the man had raped the girl. He beat him to unconsciousness, and left him lying half-naked in the center of the village. In the middle of the night, something slit Berret’s throat. The whole community was left in a panic, and the Slayers slipped away. They traveled through the forest until they reached Riverwood, a very small village, even by Slabí standards. It was made up of only around six families. The group first ran into two children: Kvetina and Zhont. Both of the children seemed nervous around the Slayers, especially Zhont, who was outright angry at them. The group was persistent in trying to negotiate, but in the end they only ended up getting the name of the most respected member of the village. This was Dôm, the man who had built the bridge going over the river. They questioned him repetitively, and found a few things: namely that the bridge was a choke-point, that the wolves had a chance of coming every night, and that there was a large number of them, in addition to a larger, much more menacing wolf leading the pack. The group proceeded to set traps along the bridge, giving the villagers who lived on the wolves’ side of the river temporary settlements on the other side. As they did, they searched throughout the destroyed houses, and Priscus Primoris identified the fact that one of the houses had been destroyed from the inside, instead of from the outside. Furthermore, this was the house that Kvetina had previously lived in. Furthermore, the group had noticed that Zhont and Kvetina had been acting suspiciously this whole time. They took Kvetina aside and interrogated her, much against the will of Zhont, who fought them. As Kvetina was interrogated, she grew increasingly emotional. Zhont, who was being held by Ulfgar, demanded that he let him go, as if he didn’t it meant danger for them all. Ulfgar dropped Zhont harshly onto the ground. Kvetina transformed, becoming a humongous wolf, and attempted to run away, but was riddled with arrows and spells, in addition to a critical blow dealt by Magnus. Astartes finished her, stabbing her in the heart. A group of wolves attacked next in vain attempt to save or avenge their master. They were defeated easily by a combination of traps and magic. The next day, the villagers were horrified by what had happened to Kvetina…but understood that she had been a werewolf, and that it had been necessary…at least…most of them did. Zhont, in blind anger, grabbed a metal bar and charged at Halien with it. Halien shot two arrows without hesitation, and killed the boy instantly. The villagers were horrified, but there was nothing they could do. The slayers dug graves for the children, out of respect, and buried them together. Next, the Slayers convinced the people to leave Riverwood, and go to live in Hillfoot. This was, perhaps, a good idea. With the Slabí consolidated, it will be easier to defend them from Orcs. The group led the villagers to the town themselves, and spent an extra day helping them build a quick and functional wall. The death of the children was regrettable, especially Zhont, but I cannot expect to criticize or change the actions of the Slayer who made the choice. After all, The Citadel would disagree.

-High Priest, Nový Poradie



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