The Citadel

Seventh Mission (18)

The Pixies of the forest

The group went on their first mission into the forest recently. Their goal was to find a group of children who had been kidnapped by Pixies from Suthertree, a Slabi settlement. Thanks to the Portal Stone, Suthertree was fairly easy to reach, and the group was exposed to the Slabi culture of the forest. The people here do not speak common, and many of the members of the group had a hard time speaking to them. They learned, however, that these people were extremely religious, and some of them, a little disturbingly, took the capture of their children in stride. The group spoke to the mayor, and to a friendly villager, and learned that the Pixies had taken the children south, along the river. A group of slabi had gone after them, but had not come back. The Slayers headed that direction, and after traveling for a considerable time met a man by a tree. The man told them that he was one of the slabi who had tried to rescue the children, but he and his group had failed to do this, and had instead tried to steal the Pixies’ treasure. The treasure was apparently back behind him if the group wanted it. WAR cauterized the man’s wound with a heated sword, and then checked the pile of treasure back behind the man. Unfortunately, the treasure was an illusion, and WAR fell into a pit of spikes. The man transformed back into a Pixie, and then disappeared. Thankfully, WAR was not significantly damaged, and removed himself.

In the night, Pixies swarmed the group’s campsite and started talking to them. The Pixies were eccentric, immature, and endlessly humorous, with no regard for human life. They made members of the group dance incessantly, and shot arrows of sleep, but eventually left when they grew bored.

Shortly after, they ran into their bizarre fey friend, Shanara, who seemed very offended at Parolles speaking Sylvan to her. She threatened him if he even glanced up her dress…for whatever reason. The interaction with her was strange. And she ended up even speaking to WAR briefly…what about, I don’t know. But their conversation partially concerned the Pixies, and she confessed that she did not like them.

Finally, they reached the Pixie camp, where the Pixies were holding the children. The interaction that followed was beyond bizarre. The Pixies were keeping the children in a large jar, having shrunk them. They demanded that they play a game, but couldn’t agree on which game to play. Eventually, the Pixies released the children, and said that they would play a game with the party. In the confusion that followed, the Pixies all killed each other until there was only one of them left…who promptly turned and flew away. The Slayers had…saved the children?

Anyway, as they headed back, they were attacked by a group of giant spiders. Thankfully, these were easily defeated, and the children were returned to the village.

All in all, this mission went well. We are lucky that these Slayers have yet to encounter the incredible danger that lurks within this forest, or at least encounter it in a way that is hostile to them. We can only hope that they are able to ease into this, and not outright die like so many of the other Slayers we have seen before.

-High Priest, Novy Poradie



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