The Citadel

Seventh Mission

Svätyne and the Orcs

In the novice Slayers’ last mission, it was reported that there was a village that had been attacked by giants, and had forced the surviving inhabitants to flee. I passed this on, of course, and a group of more experienced Slayers were sent to take care of it.

Unfortunately, after the giant threat had been eliminated, the group faced a large number of orcs coming down from the mountains. Wounded and having suffered casualties, they could not fight them, and instead fled.

Thankfully, the orcs were on foot, and the news reached The Citadel fairly quickly. As soon as it did, we acted in the way we were always told to: sizable groups of Slayers sent to every Slabým village that was a likely attack spot for them. I decided it was a good mission for my group of Slayers to get their feet wet with orc-fighting, and sent them to Hillfoot, a town they were familiar with, and the one most likely to endure minimal attack.

I turned out to be wrong.

When the group left The Citadel, it made haste. Snowfall, as well as snow on the ground, slowed them down. But they still reached their destination in good time. However, when they finally arrived, they were surprised to see Svätyne banners on the sides of the wall that they, themselves, had helped build. Confused, the Slayers went to one of the farms outside of the main town, and asked the inhabitants what had happened. The answer they received was surprising: the Svätyne guard had come, and annexed Hillfoot via forceful declaration that it belonged to them. When the farmer was informed of the orcs, he panicked, and brought his family with him toward the gate. The slayers were offered to come as well.

When the slayers reached the gate, it apparently took quite a while for the guard to open for them. Even after that, they asked repetitive questions of the Slayers before they had their leader open the gate. Being close-minded, as they typically are, they would not listen to The Slayers concerning the orcs, and had trouble even believing them. Still, they fortified their defenses, and their scouts later returned and revealed that we were, in fact, right. And not only so. According to the scouts, around twenty-five orcs were headed for the village. With no choice, and mutual survival as the motivator, the Slayers formed and alliance with the Svätyne guard, and the two groups agreed to hold the line together.

While this was going on, the Slayers observed the town. Some of the Slabí were extremely stressed, and showed signs of being subjugated. Others, on the other hand, believed that they would become citizens of Svätyne, and would be much safer. It is unclear, even to me, what the town’s future will hold, but I will write on that topic further down.

In a well thought out strategy, the group decided to make a bonfire in the center of a field, and hold the orcs off there. Scouts climbed on top of buildings to serve as archers, and a group of Soldiers and Clerics stood around the fire, drawing the orcs toward it to take advantage of their contempt for light.

When the orcs showed up, hopelessness was apparently the first reaction. The group’s number was almost doubled, and the enemy soldiers were hulking, roaring white masses covered in red body-paint. The leader pointed forward, and the battle began.

Despite all odds, and with minimal casualties, the Slayers emerged victorious. Injuries were endured, but due to the Svätyne clerics, few of them were fatal, and none of them were fatal to Slayers. In the conflict, a Slabí farmhouse was destroyed with fire magic, but the damage was minimal in comparison to what the orcs would have done.

The Svätyne guard thanked the Slayers, but were cold as usual. When the group returned to me, Ulfgar suggested that this could be the beginning of an alliance between the two powers. Clearly, with all respect to him, he has not spent long talking to the guard. They are cowardly, and callous to the needs of others, taking only the actions that keep them safe. They would allow the Slabí to entirely die out if it involved them not lifting a finger.

I am unsure, and uneasy, about the fate of Hillfoot. My first guess it that most of the original villagers will become serfs or slaves, and that the settlement will expand to become a larger power. I cannot assume, however. It has been long since we spoke to the leaders of Svätyne, and it is possible things have changed. (if they are expanding outward, things have changed quite a bit) I would request a scout to have a permanent residence within the Hillfoot area, and to report what he sees happening every few weeks. This could be advantageous or disadvantageous to us, and we must be aware of its full effects.

-High Priest, Nový Poradie



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