The Citadel

Promotion Mission (13)

The escort of the priest

It is with a profound sense of pride (and measured regret) that I promote the group of Slayers I am in charge of from Novice to Standard Slayers. I will not lie, and state that the majority of them are remotely competent, (or in some cases, possess any kind of intellect), however, we need as many Slayers in high ranks as we can get.

Our group was composed of Julius, Cosette, Ulfgar (finally back), Jorge, Kridon, and three new members: Kain, Zayn, and Mynus. The group’s mission was to escort a priest on part of her pilgrimage to become a high priest. The woman in question was named Zherda, and she left me with a strong unfavorable recommendation for the group.

Unfortunately, shortly after setting out, they were attacked by a Remorhaz. They managed to kill the creature, but not before it had swallowed Cosette. She was cut out of its stomach, but was, unfortunately, dead. Apparently, Kain somehow called for a Silver Dragon, which came and took Cosette’s body back to the Citadel. (Our archers panicked. The dragon did not even take them seriously)

The group continued their journey North, and stopped off at Coldrock. Chaos ensued. I would recommend that Mynus not be allowed in any difficult situations, where emptying ones bladder into something vital would have a strong negative effect.

In all this chaos, the group learned that the village had been beset by Halfling thieves, and that their winter storage was at risk. After a brief discussion, they decided that continuing their mission was their first priority, and that if they could help the villagers on the way back, they would.

So, they continued north, into the small alcove where the Severu altar was located. The problem, they discovered, was that the area was also occupied by halflings. Julius managed to disarm their traps, and negotiate with them, by speaking their language. Apparently, he spoke to the Halflings of some sort of cooperation with The Citadel. I do not fully understand what this would entail, and perhaps he should be questioned on it.

Zherda turned to the altar and performed the ritual, and the group left the Halflings.

When they came back to Coldrock, chaos ensued again. Amongst the confusion, I have been told that Jorge burned down one of the Slabi food storages overnight. The villagers were furious, and attacked him. The only way they were stopped was when Kain breathed fire on them, causing some to run away and others to be severely injured. The group then healed the injured Slabi, so that they would not die, and left.

In the middle of the night, however, Jorge’s throat was slit. The explanation given was that it was one of the villagers. I am unsure of this, but I cannot find any other motive.

And so, two members down, and having embarassed themselves in front of a soon-to-be high priest, they returned to me.

I have promoted them to Standard Slayers.

I want you to understand that our need of higher ranked Slayers is desperate. I know that some of them are not qualified. If you view my actions as shameful, that is fine. I am, after all, submitting this to the hierarchy. At any time, you have the power to revoke their status. I know that after this they will be on thin ice. I am willing to accept that, and I will take them as my responsibility.

I apologize sincerely for my dishonor.

-High Priest, Novy Poradie


From the missions in which Ulfgar and I have fought side by side I can say that although a bit foreign, his morals and ethics are quite good and he is a Dwarf that can be trusted. I would like to congratulate Ulfgar on his recent promotion to standard slayer and support you(High Priest, Novy Poradie) on the decision you took.
-Primoris Priscus

Promotion Mission (13)

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