The Citadel

Ninth Mission (20)

The Suicide Mission

Last mission, as the Slayers were wandering through the forest, they found an elven ring. While this would normally have been sold to The Citadel and added to their increasingly large horde of gold, it was identified as a ring belonging to a “Hiltern” a rank of elven nobility comparable to a duke. If the elves were to find out that we had it, it would likely lead to an all-out war, which we certainly don’t need right now.

It was decided that we needed to deliver the ring, but any interaction with the Elves would surely end in death, and that, for this reason, the group who would be sent would likely not survive. I don’t know how it happened, but six of my slayers were sent, along with the scout Parolles Zeno. By some miracle, they survived, but I have to question the Citadel’s judgement on this. Why would such a large group be sent to their deaths? And why would it include our new member, Laelis, who came from an apprenticeship to become one of the Revered Maiden’s personal entourage?

Whatever the case, there were some interesting events on this mission. Particularly the ones that led to the survival of every Scout and Slayer in the group.

I must first detail the opening briefing. Apparently, Laelis, a new Slayer to our group, has bonded with WAR by the Revered Maiden’s design. WAR has revealed himself to be a reincarnation of Magnus…which…I cannot help but be terrified by. He knew things that only Magnus knew, however, and said things that only Magnus can say. It is a strange world we live in, and I guess I am forced to believe this.

As the group set out, I wished them good luck in what I was sure would be a final goodbye.

It started out normal, the forest was damp and grew damper as a heavy rainstorm came on. The group sought shelter beneath trees and waited out the storm, though the mud still slowed them down. The next day, they were attacked by a creature that they identified as a Banshrae, and four Shaedlings. Banshraes are rare, and dangerous, and this seemed to be a weaker one. Thankfully it dealt little harm to them, and the group moved on.

At the thick river, they spotted a small island with a hut on it. As they went to investigate, they saw an elf girl come out. She introduced herself as Marisen, and said that she was coming to this island to gather treasure for her father. It was clear from the beginning that this story was not true. The group interrogated her and found that she was actually running away for a human lover, and that this act was forbidden. If she was found out, she would be punished horribly.

Meanwhile the group got into an argument over exactly what to do with the treasure chest within the hut. Laelis paid Marisen a small sum of gold and she was willing to part with it, knowing that she needed no valuable magical items to live amongst the Slabi. WAR got into a massive argument with the rest of the group, insisting that they should break open the chest, with everyone else disagreeing, saying that this would anger the elves. Eventually, WAR broke the chest open and took the four magical weapons hidden within.

The Slayers then got into another argument, primarily what to do with Marisen and how to get to the elves. She informed them that there was a massive number of traps on the way to the elf civilization, and that only the elves themselves knew how to get through them. It was argued that they would hold Marisen hostage, that they would let her go and have nothing to do with her, that they would have her lead them through the traps, but nothing conclusive was brought up.

Eventually, though, Shanara appeared.

She told the group that Marisen would be an interesting bargaining chip, and that the Elves favored protecting their kin over killing outsiders. When they met the elves, however, they would probably be outnumbered. This was why it was important for her (Shanara) to be present. The elves would be afraid of her, and she would present an interesting tool to give the group an upper hand in a potential fight. Marisen was terrified of Shanara, and warned the Slayers not to accept her help, but she was ignored, and Shanara’s offer was accepted.

They were led across the river and through the forest. Here, Marisen showed them through the traps, and they were thankful, seeing that any one of them could have easily killed them.

Finally, they were confronted by an Elf. It was revealed, as Marisen cried out, that the man they were looking at was her father. The man showed no sign of any problem, however, with casting her aside. He asked Parolles to come forward, and members of the group realized that there were elven archers standing behind him. All they could do was what he told them.

He did not speak to Parolles, but merely cast a spell, and prepared to kill him.

But then he was captivated by Shanara’s song.

As all the other elves ran, Shanara made the elf come to her, and sucked all of his blood from his body. Marisen started to watch, but turned away and ran as well. WAR was the only one who stayed, and looted the body after Shanara left.

The group got in their folding boat and left the shore. They decided to bring Marisen to the slabi village where her lover lived. Unfortunately, though she took all the pains to disguise herself, Julius revealed her to the villagers as an elf. The group fled with her and her beloved, and came to the portal stone, where they took the blood of the elf and the slabi through into the Citadel, and put it into the fountain. My permission was asked prior to doing this, and it was granted.

I do not know why my Slayers would be sent on a suicide mission. I had thought that we were making great strides in the right direction; and, in addition, why would any group of Slayers this large be sent to their deaths? Don’t we need every Slayer we can get, as their total population drops closer and closer to the intolerable number of 200?

Perhaps there is more going on within The Citadel than I know of.

-High Priest, Novy Poradie



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