The Citadel

Fourth Mission (15)

The Orc Cave

Having performed competently in the last mission (despite their behavior afterwards) it was ruled that my group would be the best to eliminate a group of orcs settling in a cave east of The Citadel. What the hierarchy asked for was complete elimination of the residing orcs, which may have come down to absolute genocide. However, this ended up not being the case.

Six of my Slayers were present. Ulfgar was absent, and the half-ogre had been removed. They took the mission with their usual pertinence, saying multiple times, if I remember, “So you just want us to kill a lot of things?”

The cave was not very far away, halfway between here and Pondswater. This was good, as we are now in the thawing season, and a long journey would be troublesome. Once the group reached the cave, it was ruled that Julius would set traps out in the entrance, and then yell, and see if the orcs came running into them. He did this, but there was no response. After waiting, they continued on into the cave.

Unfortunately, a group of icicles were rigged to fall on any invaders shortly past the entrance. The group was barraged with sharp shards of ice, and severely injured. It was only due to Gonson’s healing that they were able to continue.

Moving on, they stepped onto the ice and rock bridge over a lake of coldfire. I had explained coldfire to them before, and the severity of its effects. A group of orcs had lain in wait, and charged the party. One of these orcs managed to push Zayn off of the bridge, and for a second it was believed he had fallen into the coldfire below. However, he landed on a pillar of ice sticking out from the mass, and survived.

However, otherwise, the group managed to defeat the orcs without any trouble, and Zayn was pulled up with a rope tied around his waist. They moved on through the cave, and any injuries they had sustained were healed yet again.

As they reached a makeshift armory, they ran into another group of orcs. These ones were higher in number and better trained, and gave them much more trouble. In the ensuing conflict, Gonson’s healing spells were expended. After the orcs were defeated, it was ruled, against Kridon’s protestations, that the group would wait for Gonson to meditate, and then pray, to recover his spells.

As Gonson was meditating, two hours passed before the Orc Chieftain walked into the armory. He was not stealthy, and the group heard him and ambushed him. Despite his powerful equipment, he did not stand a chance. He was interrogated, and revealed to the group that he had evacuated the women and children before they had caught him, laughing. Kain tried to persuade him to be peaceful, but this kind of negotiation was past him, and he responded by spitting in Kain’s face.

The group captured the orc chieftain alive, and brought him back to The Citadel. As with other Orcs, all attempts at negotiation were quashed. The orcs care about their own clan, and wish to fight everything else. Trying to ask them to be peaceful is going against their very nature. The Chieftain was executed only hours after his capture. Kain tried to negotiate with him one more time, but this was fruitless.

Unfortunately, the mission was considered a failure. The group killed the entire orc warforce, though, and was given half-payment. I believe that this was not one of their better missions, but they are still competent enough to be trusted with important things in the future.

-High Priest, Novy Poradie



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