The Citadel

Fifth Mission (16)

The negotiations with Svatyne

In light of what has occurred, I would like to apologize sincerely.

However, I would also like to recommend that less easily intimidated Scouts are sent out on missions in the future. Yes, a group of Slayers negotiated with the current head of the Koslod family. And yes, said group of Slayers was what has become increasingly known as “Novy’s tribe of freaks”, but this would not have occurred if the Scout appointed had not been stunned and broken down by Vari Koslod. These diplomatic scouts should be more carefully chosen in the future.

Regardless, what happened happened, and for the most part my Slayers did what they were supposed to do. Their mission was to escort the scout, Ervad, to Svatyne, where he would hopefully negotiate with the reigning monarch Miro Koslod, and find out why Svatyne was expanding.

Their journey was made difficult by the fact that the thawing season was underway, at the time, and ice and snow melting created a slush that was difficult to move through. White oozes were a constant threat, and they were attacked on their journey, thankfully making it through with no casualties. After a week of travel, the group reached Hillfoot, or the town that had once been Hillfoot.

To confirm Ervad’s report, if it is stated the same way: The Slabi are in a state of indentured servitude, perhaps closer to slavery, in the territories that formerly belonged to them. They are kept safe by walls around what used to be simple villages of huts. Their labor helps Svatyne to strengthen the defenses of its new outposts.

Some of my Slayers, I will admit, had problems with this. Kain, due to his draconic culture, did not believe in the concept of slavery. Negotiations with the new mayor of Hillfoot were tentative for this reason. Ervad had to do everything he could to stop a conflict from breaking out.

Thankfully, it was managed, and the group moved the rest of the way to Svatyne being escorted along with a group of merchants. Julius made fast friends with a human merchant…much to Kain’s dismay.

Upon reaching Svatyne, the group was forced to discard their weapons. Julius apparently concealed daggers in the saddlebags, which was a smart move, but ended up being unnecessary. There was no time to see the sights, or opportunity to get into a fight, as the group headed straight to the lord’s castle. They finally came across the new lord, Vari Koslod, and learned some interesting things.

Miro Koslod is dead. His son, Vari, has taken the throne. Vari is expanding Svatyne’s borders, and plans on stretching an empire across Zverak. Naturally, this has been attempted before. However, in earlier days, we had an alliance with Svatyne. Now, there is no alliance, and the country is intending on taking us over as well. Ervad was overwhelmed by this information, as well as Vari’s intimidating presence, and could not negotiate. The group was forced to step in, as Vari requested it himself. Kain, apparently, did most of the negotiating. Julius did not approve of his insinuations, but the lord accepted his terms. These suggested terms will be mentioned shortly.

It should be noted that when the group came back, Kain was insistent on seeing the Revered Maiden. However, she was busy, for a long time….today, he came into my office and informed me that he was leaving The Citadel.

At this point, I am down a Slayer, and one of the better ones. Kain left in a huff of impatience and irritability. The Revered Maiden managed to talk to Panov out of punishing him for his last, if brief, desertion, but I have no doubt that if he ever returns from this indefinite absence, he will be executed. Not that he wouldn’t deserve it. Like a coward, he fled back to his dragon cave where he wouldn’t have to bear the weight of making a difference. Meanwhile, more of that weight has been placed on the shoulders of those of us who are still willing to fight.

I wonder what the Revered Maiden would say, after fighting to keep him here.

But I digress, the suggestion appointed to me was as such: In terms of negotiations, we should offer to give Svatyne access to our golems. Without, however, the knowledge of how to build them. These golems would soon become an integral part of their civilization’s construction and defense, however, Svatyne’s lack of magical knowledge would leave them reliant on us.

The judgment of this proposal I leave to the hierarchy. I would appreciate it if you were to read it before you simply dismissed it.

-High Priest, Novy Poradie



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