The Citadel

Eighth Mission (19)

The Ent Seed

This mission, I was forced to send my Slayers out with little information. We did not know where they were going, and while we knew what they were looking for, we did not know what it actually was.

A group of Slayers sent by another priest had found a green orb in the forest. They sent a messaqe using a spell, saying that they had identified it, and apparently it was something extremely powerful. However, that was the end of their message. We had been eagerly awaiting their arrival…but they had not returned. Naturally, The Citadel was very frustrated by this.

My group was called on to follow through. First, they were to find out what the orb was, and if possible bring it back. In order to better locate the orb, we sent the Scout Parolles Zeno with them. Priscus Primoris was called forth to attend this mission, as he had created some kind of robotic hydra that needed to be tested.

All The Slayers had to go off of was the last place the other group had identified themselves as being, near one of the corners of the thick river. With little to go off of, they started venturing south. As they traveled along the banks of the river, they encountered a swarm of small fairies that demanded they play with them. The swarm seemed friendly at first, but the group was cautious. Parolles, knowing how to speak Sylvan, communicated with them and asked them what they wanted. In between the games of throwing acorns around, the fey mentioned that they wanted to play forever, and that the last people they had played with had wanted to stop playing, and that they had gotten angry and…killed them? That was what the general gist of the message was, at least.

Gonson created an image of the group leaving, and while the fey were distracted Priscus cast haste, and everyone ran from the creatures, then hid far away. Priscus, curious about whether the fey were coming after them, sent his Dove familiar to spy. Unfortunately, the dove was noticed, and the angry fairies killed it, then followed the general direction it had been running to reach the group.

Everyone ran away, and managed to retreat as the fey attacked Priscus’s mechanical hydra. Thankfully, even a thousand tearing hands can do little to adamantium plating. The hydra ran into the river, then submerged itself. The group argued about whether to leave the Hydra behind or not, but as they argued it emerged from the river, and they decided to forge on.

The group ventured west, where, hopefully, they would not be near the river. However, they still lacked any idea of where they were supposed to go. As they traveled, every member of the group except for Rin and Parolles was suddenly captivated by a strange noise, which they described as the most beautiful thing they ever heard. Despite Rin and Parolles trying to fight them, they were led to a fey ring, best described as a ring of soil surrounded by mushrooms filled with powerful magical effects. Neither WAR nor Gonson nor Kridon suffered any ill effects, and instead started speaking to the Pixies surrounding the ring. WAR started tearing mushrooms out around the circle, and the Pixies grew angry, demanding he put them back. Eventually, he did so, and the Slayers started questioning the Pixies about the green orb. Unfortunately, none of them knew about it.

As this was going on, Priscus entered the ring and immediately transformed into a toad. His party members could do nothing but stare. They asked the Pixies to change him back, but were told that they could do nothing. All of the sudden the pixies fled, and Shanara appeared again. She asked the group why they were in the forest, and upon being told about the green orb, informed them that a Nymph took it, expressing some level of disdain. Still, however, she told them where the nymph was, and then transformed Priscus back into a human. The problem was, she could only transform him into a human, not the same human. So it was that Priscus transformed into a toad which transformed into Jack, the random Slabi with no idea what was going on.

After being told where the Nymph was, the group headed in that direction. However, they did not find a nymph right away. Instead, they found a group of Satyrs, who were loud, boisterous, and planning a party…pretty much as Satyrs always are. With no other leads, the group celebrated with the Satyrs.

Thankfully, none of the Slayers drunk too much alcohol…except for Jack…but whether or not Jack counts as a Slayer is not a question I want to get into. A Satyr apparently took the drunken Jack aside to attempt to fornicate with him. Thankfully, Gonson prevented this from happening, but could not prevent Jack from vomiting and urinating.

During the party, Parolles noticed a drunken Satyr talking about Massandra, a name he did not recognize, before another Satyr shushed him. In the morning, Parolles approached this Satyr, and asked him who this was. He responded angrily, but after an aggressive inquiry he pointed Parolles to the Satyrs’ leader. The leader told the Slayers that she was a nymph, and that if they promised to do nothing wrong, he would let them talk to her. However, if they took any aggressive action, the satyrs would attack.

When the Nymph emerged, the group closed their eyes, knowing that they could be blinded if she wished it. She told them that she would not give them the orb, however, they could learn of its purpose if they did something for her. Some of her sisters had been attacked by giants recently, and that all the nymphs felt threatened. If the group attacked the giants and killed them, she would tell them what the orb was. The group agreed, and headed toward the cave she pointed them to.

When they reached the area, they found that they were at a cave of Ettins. Inside was a group of three two-headed giants worshipping a bear. The party fought them, and with the help of Priscus’s hydra, modified to listen to the commands of anyone, they defeated them.

Meanwhile, Jack was staying with the Satyrs. He crafted a spoon, and then took a nap. The Satyrs had a party, and he got drunk again.

The group came back the Nymph after slaying the giants, and she showed them the orb, telling them that it was an ent seed, and that it was useless to The Citadel. She then told them that if they did one final favor for her, she could turn Jack back into Priscus. The seed needed to be planted, in a Fey Ring, and thankfully, the group knew of one. She could not do it, as she and the Satyrs were bound to the fey pool. However, they could. IF they did it for her, they would be aided by any Nymph they met in the future. If they did not, they would become their enemy.

The group decided that they would do so, and planted the seed. As they did, it released enough power that the Nymph turned Jack back into Priscus. From here, the group said their thanks, and departed. They had one last encounter with Shanara before they left the forest, and she admitted to them that she hated Nymphs.

I know that the Slayers did not return the Ent seed to The Citadel. However, Nymphs could be a valuable, if not entirely trustworthy, ally to them. And at least Priscus was transformed back into himself. We need all the people we can get.

-High Priest, Novy Poradie



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