Hello. I’m actually hoping for this wiki to be a valuable resource this time. Last time, I kind of screwed up. It was a combination of me not having much interest in the page, and no one wanting to use it. If you’re already here, you’ve taken the most important step. I implore you to stay updated on this page and what’s going on with it, it will give you all the info you need, tailored specifically for you. Go to the wiki page to read up on what I have in store for you.

In gameplay style, this campaign will be very different from my last one. Every session will be its own, self-contained mission, at the end of which you will return to a hub area, The Citadel. Your characters will have large amounts of downtime (multiple weeks) in between missions, giving you a lot of time to pursue crafts, train animal companions, or do weird magic stuff. In the Citadel, you will all have your own private quarters that is yours to do with as you please. You will make friends and rivals, and you will train to level up.

Outside of the Citadel, you will face frequent threats from brutal monsters. However, this campaign will not involve desperate struggles as constant as my last one. I’m trying to build roleplaying this time, and I’ve found that demanding the players to use every ounce of their intelligence to survive tends to go against that effect.

As said before, every session will be it’s own mission. What does this mean? It means that sessions do not continue directly off of each other. Problems are introduced and resolved within a single session. This is an ambitious style to attempt, and even with the longer sessions I’m planning on having it’ll be difficult to pull off. It has its benefits, however. For one thing, when someone doesn’t come, I can just say that their character wasn’t put on the mission. This means that no one has to use an extra character sheet, and no one has to fumble around trying to remain in character with a character that certainly doesn’t belong to them.

The setting is also very different from my last campaign. In Rotai, things were often humorous, and the world was a little bit zany. Not in this campaign. The setting here is dark, dark like the darkest of dark chocolate. Bitter, but in that, oh so sweet. You will run into situations where it is difficult to be the hero. You will have to choose between the quickest or safest way to accomplish your mission, and the innocent lives of the peasants you encounter. Your characters will fight desperate battles against powerful monsters, and the people you save will still hate you. Your characters’ obstacles in combat, survival, and decision-making will be harsh to an almost unbearable degree. (I’m talking story-wise here, not actual game challenge) Through it all, you will feel the world, and feel how much it needs you. At least…I hope.

Roleplaying will be a lot more central to this campaign than the last one. I’ve known every time you’ve acted out of character to gain something or win a battle. And I’ll know this time, too. The difference is that this time, I won’t tolerate it. The story is very central to this campaign. I’ve finally come up with a setting that I don’t have any real problems with as far as compromising with the D&D rules go, and I intend to take it seriously. You should do the same. Remember, insanity and silliness is funny as it takes place. But as it continues, it drags the world and its believability down, and takes people further away from their characters.

The Citadel

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